Eishton in the media

Note: only English Coverage is shown here. For full coverage of the blog by the media, see Hebrew version.

Jan 23rd 2017:

The Israeli Fantasy Regarding the Deaths of Palestinians  – Haaretz (Amira Hass)

Jan 18th 2017:

Four Identical Mistakes on One Day. Really? – Haaretz (Amira Hass)

Dec 31 2012:

Suicide the number one cause of death in the IDF, report finds – The Times of Israel (Ron Friedman)

Dec 30 2012:

126 Israeli soldiers have committed suicide? (translated from Polish) – Wprost

Dec 28 2012:

Anonymous blogger probe puts light on IDF suicides – Jerusalem Post (Ben Hartman)

Dec 27 2012:

Every two weeks a soldier commits suicide, IDF numbers show – The Times of Israel (Aaron Kalman)

Israel’s most sought-after anonymous blogger has won his battle with the IDF – Haaretz (Barak Ravid)

Dec 25 2012:

Anonymous whistleblower fights to reveal the true cause of Israeli military deaths – The Verge (Adrianne Jeffries)

Dec 24 2012:

We are all Eishtons– Haaretz (Aluf Ben)

Anonymous Israeli blogger Eishton offers a deal to the IDF – Haaretz (Barak Ravid)

Dec 21 2012:

Blogger interrogated, asked to give up army source – +972 (Haggai Matar)

Dec 20 2012:

 Israeli blogger Eishton returns, responding to IDF probe against him – Haaretz (Barak Ravid)

Dec 16 2012:

IDF probe of anonymous blogger isn’t about security – it’s about sources – Haaretz (Barak Ravid)

Dec 15 2012:

IDF Police Interrogate, Gag Blogger, Demand Whistleblower’s Identity – “Tikun Olam” (Richard Silverstein)

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