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Pallywood: the dark matter of the Zionist universe

Two recent cases of Israeli troops caught murdering Palestinians demonstrate the power, and limitations, of an entire nation deciding to believe what it wants to believe, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Continue reading

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Trump’s ban isn’t a Muslim ban the same way the Holocaust wasn’t about the Jews

“All lives matter”, “All the victims of the holocaust”, “Everyone should be able to build a home beyond the 67′ border”: Disguising racism as inclusiveness Continue reading

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Making a Murderer… only criminally negligent: How Israel turned a serial killer of Palestinians into a clumsy hero

Prologue: As with any incident between Israel and Palestine, the case in-front of us cannot be judged detached from the historical context that created it and the political predispositions that interpret it. And yet, some truths do not derive from … Continue reading

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