Pallywood: the dark matter of the Zionist universe

They call it “Pallywood”. Like Dark Matter, it’s a non-observable phenomenon, derived from our need to settle the contradiction between the viewable and the expected.

As we gazed out into the stars, a universe presumed to be slowing down by gravity, was actually accelerating and expanding. Matter should have given the opposite result (contraction), and antimatter was insufficient in quantity to explain the forces pulling the universe apart. There had to be something else, something invisible yet massive, which though we can’t directly detect or prove, makes sense of the world as we know it.

Such is the nature of humanity, that we fill the void of knowledge with knowledge we presume is unavoidable. Greater than our inability to understand the cosmos, is our lack of desire to accept a cosmos which is not as we believe it to be.

Psychologists call this “cognitive dissonance” which creates “belief disconfirmation“:  a paradox between our beliefs and what we see, does not change those beliefs (which is very painful for most people to do), but leads us to create distorted interpretations or selective blindness – to bend the seen to the will of  the desired.

The birth of Pallywood

For most Israelis and Pro-Israelis, the day the the galaxies were first detected to be moving in the wrong direction, was September 30, 2000. A video depicting the possible killing of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah by the IDF, was on screens all over the world. Israelis have been indoctrinated to believe that their army which maintains the longest military occupation in modern history, is “the most moral army in the world”. Yet here was a video which showed our north star of morality, our righteous IDF, might actually be pointing south.

Image result for al-durrah

Screenshot from the France 2 footage of Muhammad al-Durrah and his father

Faced with the possible collapse of their values and beliefs, Israelis craved an explanation to the images on their TVs. The government asked two people from outside law enforcement, Nahum Shahaf and Joseph Doriel, to “investigate” the killing of al-Durrah. The two were known conspiracy theorists with no background in criminal investigations, who have been laughed out of Israeli courts repeatedly when giving “expert testimonies” in criminal trials (constantly finding the accused was actually framed by Palestinians).

Surprisingly, the conspiracy theorists concluded al-Durrah’s killing was a conspiracy: the boy was either alive or killed by the Palestinians themselves, in order to frame the IDF.

The new normal

As cameras became cheaper, better and smaller, more of these incidents started to emerge. Morality should have lead to videos depicting an opposite phenomena (kindness or at least self control) and anti-Morality is known by Israelis to be insufficient in quantity to explain the forces pulling the IDF’s conscience apart.

The conspiracy theory had to become a conspiracy industry: an explanation not just for one video, but for the multitudes which followed and any which might yet come. As with Dark Matter, the viewable 5% – videos depicting soldiers’ immorality – was corrected by a 95% dark industry, comprised of thousands of Palestinians directing and filming these frame ups. “Pallywood” (Palestinian-Hollywood) was the name given to this industry.

Outside of Israel this might sound absurd, but one cannot understand Israelis’ position vis-à-vis the Palestinians, without first accepting that most Israelis believe “Pallywood” exist, event rampantly so. An elaborate scheme fitting of a “mission Impossible” movie becomes not only a plausible explanation, but rather the obvious one. It isn’t a burden on the accused soldier to prove, but a requirement of the dead Palestinian to disprove.

Today, the Pallywood starship continues its mission to explore strange new worlds and to boldly go where no Zionist has gone before. The days of the simple al-Durrah conspiracy theory – a single low-def camera, with no other physical evidence – are long gone, and by current standards, such a “self-explanatory” conspiracy wouldn’t even require an investigation.

The boundaries Pallywood


Two trials currently coming to completion can help us understand what Pallywood can and can’t do for Israeli troops caught on film committing crimes against Palestinians. The first case is the recent manslaughter conviction of Elor Azaria, a soldier who was filmed executing Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, after (according to the IDF) he stabbed and wounded a fellow soldier. Azaria arrived at the scene after the attack had already ended, and al-Sharif was bleeding supine on the road. A few minutes later, and 12 minutes after other soldiers had already neutralized al-Sharif, Azaria executed him with a single shot to the head:

Though it sounds insane, normally in Israel, Pallywood would have gotten Azaria out of this mess. If it had just been the video, the irrational explanations Azaria later gave in court — fearing al-Sharif could still stab him or might have a bomb — would likely have been sufficient to dismiss the charge or reduce it to some technical, lesser crime (some variation of “conduct unbecoming” or “illegal use of a weapon”) with little or no punishment.

But right after firing, Azaria confessed his motives and told the people around him: “he deserved to die”. Pallywood has a blinding effect on Israeli investigators and judges, but for now, not a deafening one. Thus the limits of the force known as Pallywood were discovered: You are still required to lie about you motives.

Making a Murderer… only criminally negligent

The last chapter in the Pallywood book (for now) and the most complex and insane to date, is being written in Israeli courts these very days. On may 15th, 2014, Nakba Day, Ben Deri, a Border Police officer, was caught on tape shooting dead Nadeem Nawara, as he was walking alone and unarmed:

The cameras also captured the shootings of three more Palestinians in the same place that day (All together 2 killed and 2 wounded, by live ammunition). In Azaria’s case, it was naturally hard for Israelis to find sympathy for the executed victim: he had attempted to commit murder. But Deri’s victim didn’t hurt anyone, which meant Israelis couldn’t brush it off as a technical crime, lacking moral implications.

The Zionist universe was being torn apart by some force that looked just like immorality, but simply couldn’t be. But unlike Azaria, Deri didn’t confess and allowed irrationality to come to is rescue. Since this was the most documented and forensically evidenced murders by Israeli forces ever, the dark unseen force of Pallywood had to grow proportionately.

Deri and his comrades claimed to have only shot rubber-coated bullets that day. In Israel, the whole incident became a joke that ostensibly exposed the pathetic nature of Pallywood and the gullible bleeding-heart lefties who buy in to it. This view is most clearly demonstrated in the following clip (one of many), which according to its cynical creators, “was recorded by a reliable B’Tselem volunteer and corroborated by an eye witness testimony from Stevie Wander”:

The ensuing conspiracy theories, many of which were propagated by the Israeli defense establishment, reinforced by an acquiestent media, and which permeated through popular discourse in Israel and the pro-Israel blogosphere at the time, later made their way into Deri’s defense strategy in court.

Here are just a few of dozens of explanations and conspiracy theories which “proved” the event was a Pallywood production and not a cold-blooded murder caught on camera:

‘He broke his fall, that means he was acting’

If the shot killed Nawara, why doesn’t he fall like in the movies and instead protects himself in such a phony way?!

nawara extended arms.jpg

In reality, roughly at the age of 6 months, as we start to crawl and approach walking, all babies develop a defensive reflex called the parachute reflex:

רפלקס הצנחן.jpg

Unless the bullet went through the brain or severed the spine, most falls will be accompanied by the parachute reflex.

If Nawara was shot in the chest, why isn’t he blown backwards?

Another TV myth. This one I need not explain, for TV giveth and TV taketh away. “Mythbusters” dedicated an entire episode to trying to move a body with a bullet. Watch if you wish, as they move from guns, to rifles and almost cannons, and still fail to get any movement resembling the “Blown away” effect you see in the movies (A warning for animal lovers: they conduct the test by shooting a pig’s corpse):

‘You cannot shoot live rounds through the rubber-bullets launcher extension’


A Rubber bullets launcher extension

A few days after the incident, Israel pretty much proved that the Palestinians were lying:

the extension seen on Deri’s gun is meant for rubber bullets only, and a live round could not have been fired through it.

This claim was not advertised by random internet trolls; it came directly from the IDF’s spokesperson, then repeated by Israeli politicians on CNN. The most effective argument (for Israelis, at least) came from the prime-time testimony of Yosef Yekutiel, an Israeli weapons “expert” who works with the IDF and Israeli police, who almost laughed at the Palestinian accusation:

If this claim was true, it meant the Palestinians were lying and the whole thing was a Pallywood production. And so, a week after the incident, i went searching for the rifle extension’s manual on the Israeli manufacturer’s website. It turns out the weapons expert and the army were wrong.


3rd from the top: “Immediate 5.56-mm lethal firing capability without removing adapter”

You can shoot live bullets through the extension. It is specifically designed so that a soldier won’t have to unscrew the extension while someonecharges at him with a knife.

‘Why is there no blood?’

Unless we’re looking at a head-shot or a severed artery close to the surface of the skin (like in the neck), a regular bullet wound will not produce squirts of blood or intense and immediate external bleeding.

thar bleeding.png

M16 bullets create small entry and exit wounds, and most of the damage is internal (as was found in autopsy in this case). Like a leaking pipe inside a wall, it takes time for a significant amount of blood to leak out of the wounds.

As for blood stains on the ground – both victims were lifted within seconds of being shot and carried to a nearby ambulance. Since blood doesn’t flow out like in the movies, there wasn’t and shouldn’t have been any blood stains.

A theory no more

These were just a few of the simpler and saner theories (the trial also included body swaps, invisible snipers and much more), which can help you understand Israelis’ current belief and political stands with regards to the Palestinians and footage depicting immorality towards them.

But this isn’t just propaganda: for the 2 killings and 2 attempted killings of innocent Palestinians, Deri was only  charged with the killing of Nawara. Furthermore, the court was never even given a chance to convict him based on the plethora of evidence because the state offered him a plea deal, in which Deri only had to plead guilty to negligent manslaughter (he will likely serve little or no jail time), based on an implausible theory that Nawara’s death was the result of nothing more than an innocent ammunition mix-up.

The sole reason Deri was able to get this deal, even though this was the most documented and forensically corroborated murder in IDF’s history, is the possibility of Pallywood and the pseudoscience which “proved” it. Nawara’s family are currently appealing the deal to the supreme court, but are extremely unlikely to win.

While Azaria’s case taught us what Pallywood can’t do – acquit you after you confessed – Deri’s case teaches  us what it can: everything else.

Funerals Are Held For Two Palestinians Killed During Nakba Day C

Nawara & Abu Daher’s Funeral procession

Understanding the Zionist universe

What started 17 years ago with two conspiracy theorists, trying to prove Israel’s innocence — after the IDF  had already destroyed the wall behind al-Durrah along with the bullets which could have identified the shooters — has since grown, matured and reversed: In Israel, the “crazy ones” today, are the ones looking at these videos and assuming what happened, is what you see happening.  Any new video which surfaces, depicting wrong doing by Israel, is presumed to be Pallywood, until proven otherwise beyond unreasonable doubt.

You might understand why thousands of settlers do what they do, by looking at their religious and racist views. You might understand why hundreds of thousands of financial settlers do what they do, by looking at the cost of living in Israel and the tax incentives given to those who move beyond the green line. You might understand why politics is bent to their favor, by understanding how the primary elections disproportionately empowers small, yet well organized groups.

But knowing all of this would still leave a major force missing, which seems to move most Israelis in its direction, even though they are not part of the political system, they are not settlers, and they do not believe in expanding Israel as a religious obligation, above all earthly moralities. Though Israelis murder 100-200 Israelis every year, we simply cannot accept a single soldier would murder a Palestinian. And since we can’t accept it, we don’t:

“They are child-killing monsters,” we say, even though Israeli security forces have killed thousands of Palestinian children. They are terrorists even when they kill armed soldiers, but we are soldiers even when we kill unarmed children.

One couldn’t understand this rational without knowing that most Israelis sincerely believe that every Palestinian killed by Israeli troops was either a terrorist, a frame-up (Pallywood/Human-shield) or an honest mistake. Thus, mainstream Israelis can reject murder and land theft as immoral acts in principle, while supporting and seeing them in action every single day.

Trying to understand why the Zionist universe is expanding — beyond the ’67 border and into the inevitable immorality which lies past it — without understanding Pallywood, is the equivalent of trying to understand why the universe is expanding, without understanding Dark Matter: we do the immoral, because Pallywood “proves” we do not.

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I previously published the text you’ve just read @ ‘+972’ (which i recommend). This text is an edited excerpt from the full investigation into Deri’s case and all the Pallywood and fake science used to acquit him (of any meaningful charge), which you can read here: “Making a Murderer… only criminally negligent: How Israel turned a serial killer of Palestinians into a clumsy hero“.
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